Healthcare Professionals – SICAGE® System Overview


After diagnosing a patient with SIJD, non-surgical options should be reviewed with the patient.  If non-surgical options have failed, the patient may be a candidate for the SICAGE® Implant System.


The SICAGE® Implant System was designed and developed with the patient’s quality of life as its foundation.  The SICAGE® Implant System provides a minimally invasive surgical option with the objective of a short surgical time and a quick recovery, while providing optimal results.

Benefits of the SICAGE® Implant System

  • The procedure includes intraoperative EMG and electrical stimulation for added safety.
  • The SICAGE® Implant System is a cage system that not only provides fixation but induces fusion
  • The SICAGE® System procedure is less invasive and gentler on the patient than other devices.
  • The SICAGE® System provides immediate stability to the SI joint and may relieve some symptoms immediately.
  • The SICAGE® System addresses the root cause of sacroiliac pain and may prevent. additional, more invasive procedures with longer recovery times.
  • The SICAGE® System fenestrations may provide increased bone growth.
  • The SICAGE® System has dual leads that provide quicker insertion than single lead products.